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Welcome to the BMW XD Team

Up until this very moment you have been enjoying every aspect of your BMW X model. You have experienced its optimum levels of performance, felt its true athletic measure and indulged into its superior sense of elegance.


This year BMW will be adding more excitement to your satisfactory experience by introducing you to its amazing new XD Team community. This is an exclusive community created for you and others like yourself to interact and collaborate with the team BMW XD. Your involvement in this community helps us understand your needs and act upon it.


There's limited room in this community so you will need to contact us via info@bmwxdteam.com to be able to join or fill out the registration form during our XD Event.

The X Models

See things from a new perspective.

Every detail of the X3 expresses agility, style and dynamism. Strong, elegant lines underscore its fascinating temperament and sporting ambition...

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Ever present

Whether stationary or on the move, the dominant character of the BMW X5 never fails to make an immediate impression.

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The world’s first Sports Activity Coupe.

The new BMW X6 is the world’s first Sports Activity Coupe.It combines the agility, performance and athletic design of a big BMW Coupe with the versatility and raised seating position of an SAV.

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News & Events

Bavarian Auto Group introduces the BMW XD Team for all BMW X models owners in Egypt. Find out more..

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What's your favourite BMW X model?


The X3

The X5

The X6