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Bavarian Auto Group introduces the BMW XD Team for all BMW X models owners in Egypt



BMW is not just any luxury car manufacturer. It is a complete world that goes far beyond providing exceptional driving experiences, adding exclusive value to its customers' lives. Building on its deep understanding of their needs and lifestyles, BMW is able to interact and participate in the lives of all its lovers worldwide, engaging in activities that meet their interests.


Driven by the same philosophy, Bavarian Auto Group recently held an exciting event at Sofitel El Gizerah hotel introducing its new BMW XD Team. The event was attended by BMW X models owners and fans in Egypt. During the event Bavarian Auto created an exhilarating aura to match the X models exclusive nature through hosting one of BMW's professional cyclists who gave an exceptional performance.


The XD Team is a gateway for all BMW X models owners to participate in an array of activities and events that satisfy their dynamic spirit. Meeting their love for dynamism, team members will enjoy lifetime experiences by going on on-road and off-road excursions. They will be able to further enhance their driving skills by participating in well planned professional driving sessions. They will also be updated with the latest outstanding technological innovations related to the X models. Needless to mention the thrilling moments they will experience with professional international driving teams when they exhibit the toughest and hardest moves in the different driving demos for the BMW X models. Not only will XD Team offer these exciting activities, it will also organize several social events and outings according to its deep understanding of BMW X models owners' interests.


In addition to all the aforementioned advantages, XD Team members will get the chance to enjoy additional privileges such as special offers in after sale services in service centers. Moreover, XD Team members will enjoy the amazing opportunity of exploring new features, X model updates and news updates before their official market launch. The team will also have its own trendy line of lifestyle items that will be available for the members to buy; enjoying occasional special offers on these unique items and on BMW accessories.



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